Spiritual seasons

Okay so lately all the messages and teachings i been hearing have been all about seasons in our spiritual growth , So i think God is trying to tell me something teach me about my season im currently in .

have yall ever felt stuck , lost even dry? well this has been me over the past months early as 2018 began ive been in deep waters and yup , circumstances thrown my way over and over , as my heart  still pulled me to Jesus spending time with Him but at the same time i was

like really Jesus ,where are you and why God why?  I felt forsaken why is all this happening i dont get it Lord , do you even hear me , im telling you over and over Lord change me im chasing you Lord telling you Jesus im here use me change my heart dont let circumstances change me . Yet nothing their was days i didnt wan to pray or read becuase i was like well Jesus i keep telling you asking for help and again nothing ..

Well it wasn’t untill recently something changed in my spirit hearing lysa trekuest speak at my church i felt my bones start to rattle little again , and podcasts oh im a hugh podcast junkie haha  and in process of  having one also .. but thats another blog writing , anyways the other morning ive heard something that got my spirit awaked, about how our spiritual seasons is the same as the seasons we all live in winter , spring , summer and fall .

So winter is a time for planting  for getting the ground ready to be still , to listen and learn, Spring those seeds begin to take root and deepen its fun looking and waiting to see them sprout up, Summer the antitipation the joy , the tender care nurturing those seeds awaiting the results , Fall is the season of harvest , the time when all our hard work and time pays off and the reward of our labor comes.

as my spirit was speaking , i heard what seeds am i planting what am i sowing still feeling dry and stuck , whats God trying to show me through this season , and the deep water i use to think was why , is for a reason to teach to me, to prepare me .

Sometimes when we get to ancie waiting we want to harvest before the seed is ready to harvest , but were not ready for it at that time , Its not because God dont wanna give us our rewards , but beacuse were not ready for them on our time But only Gods timming .

So many things are comming more clearly , but we can trust and believe God he knows what we need and when we need them , He will only give us what were ready for and when were ready for it , not a second sooner.

Its in these hard times in deep water where we grow and become the person God created us to be.

James 1:2-4 count it all joy , my brothers where you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness and let all steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete , lacking in nothing .(esv)

keep worshiping Him through it all even when we dont want to , feel like it,  keep holding tight to Jesus in His timming we will be ready to harvest .

ask yourself in this season , Lord what are you trying to teach me . I pray this for all of us to keep a humble heart and a kind spirit in the waiting and remain obedient in Jesus name amen.